Golden Pangolin Enamel Earrings

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A golden, shiny pair of earrings based on the coolest walking pine cone around - the Pangolin. These amazing little guys can curl up into an armoured ball for protection and are covered in sharp, overlapping scales. They also have superbly long tongues and can spray out a stanky spray much like a Skunk, how cool is that?

These cute and curled up dangly Pangolin earrings will make a perfect and unusual addition to your jewellery collection!

Each earring is 20mm x 17mm and comes on an illustrated backing card that's covered with ants and termites to feed your new Pangolins.

The earrings themselves are made from my illustration of a Pangolin, produced in black and gold plated metal with fish hook style attachments to keep them securely in place. There is a clear epoxy resin coating over the earrings to protect them from scratches and give them a smooth, lustrous finish.

Every item is carefully packed and sent by me from my home in Nottingham, United Kingdom, using eco-friendly materials!