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In recent times, Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop games are all being played remotely and online, be it through Roll20, D&D Beyond or other resources. I created tiled digital images of my D&D team that we could use for all manner of things - a portrait for our character sheets, icons in chats and tiles to use on a digital map screen! We ended up finding them so useful I thought I might offer them up as commissions.

I will happily draw the face of any character you want, be it humanoid or beast, friend or foe, animal companion or summoned being (and it doesn't have to be for D&D either!)

Once completed, I'll send over a high-resolution PNG of your requested character with a transparent background that can be used as a tile on maps and another copy of the image in any other file type you wish.

Work will begin once all reference materials and details have been received.

If you'd like a physical, printed version let me know and I can create a custom listing for you.

Although I will endevour to create your artwork as swiftly as possible, please allow UP TO 3 WEEKS for me to complete your image after we've agreed on design.


- Add a few details in the "Notes to seller" section of what you think you'd like and make sure to add an email address I can contact you by, then go ahead and check out. I'll contact you after I recieve your order and get things rolling.

- Have a few reference pictures ready - I need to know what your character looks like!

- Once we've agreed on a design I will get to work. I'll email you within three weeks with your finished, high resolution image file (as a JPEG, PDF or PNG, whichever is preferred) and it's all yours! You can print it yourself, use it as a profile picture, whatever you'd like.

- Please bear in mind I reserve the right to refuse to draw anything I find uncomfortable or unagreeable and will promptly refund you if it falls into this category.