Abhorsen’s Bandolier of Bells Brooch– inspired by the Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix

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Inspired by the amazing Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen books by Garth Nix, you can now gear up as any good Abhorsen should with your very own bandolier of bells!
Tools used by necromancers, each bell is designed to be detailed and reflect and hint at the effect it causes and the power it’s peal holds when heard.

In order of smallest to largest, the brooch bandolier includes:

Ranna – The Sleeper
Mosrael – The Waker
Kibeth – The Walker
Dyrim – The Speaker
Belgaer – The Thinker
Saraneth – The Binder
Astarael – The Weeper

This brooch is a big one at 70mm x 24.1mm and features real, tiny jingly bells attached by hand individually to the bottom to help you send the dead where they belong.

Each brooch is presented on backing card that's covered with shiny, metallic keys and has two pin posts with metal clutches to keep it securely in place when worn.
The brooch itself is made from my illustration of the bells, produced in recessed, antiqued metal.

Every item is carefully packed and sent by me from my home in Nottingham, United Kingdom, using eco-friendly materials!